2014 Edition

We are very happy to announce our 2014 edition dates!
August 23-24 2014!

Mark your calendars!

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About us

TWIST is a unique fibre festival in Québec, Canada, bringing together the most important players in the field.

TWIST is an annual event that serves as a showcase of the fibre world and is intended for the general public, enthusiasts, fibre producers, fleece animal breeders, transformers, artists, artisans, professionals and semiprofessionals.

TWIST is a 2-day event featuring dozens of workshops, activities, a textile art exhibit with a modern twist and over 80 exhibitors from all trades of the fibre industry.

Programming Committee

«Twister» Amélie Blanchard

Amélie is a committed spinner and founder of the TWIST Fibre Festival. She is not only a TV and interactive media producer she also raises cashmere goats ( Amélie is a member of the Club des fileuses de la Petite-Nation, and Vice-president of the Canadian Cashmere Producers Association.

«Twister» Marie-Anne Adam

Born in the Petite-Nation, Marie-Anne has just recently graduated in Textile Arts at the Centre de textile contemporain de Montréal. As a new generation young weaver, Marie-Anne brings her creativity and a fresh new outlook to the art.

«Twister» Jeannette Guindon

Jeannette weaves magic with her fingers. She has always been passionnate about fibre and her natural talent shines trough in every piece she creates. Jeannette is the President of the Cercle de fermières de St-André-Avellin. Jeannette is in charge of the Festival’s art exibit and a member of the Programming Committee.

«Twister» Lise Ranger

Lise, a retired French teacher, fell head-over-heels in love with fibre. Lise is a passionate spinner, felter and weaver and is a member of the Cercle de fermières de Ripon and the Club des fileuses de la Petite-Nation. Lise is a member of the Programming and Organization Committees.

«Twister» Johanie Bernard

Johanie wears many hats: not only is she media savvy, she teaches communications studies, she is a talented ceramist and a really great knitter. With all her talents and interests, she is the best one to work on the festival’s public relations

«Twister» Ginette Cattaneo

For Ginette, retirement meant the opportunity to renew her love for knitting and embroidery. She loves nature and finds her happiness in simple things, and loves sharing her passion with the Cercle de fermières de Ripon. Her mission for the festival: finding the best volunteers to work with us.

Our partners who are just as «twisted»

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